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  • 0.75 ~ 30kW, 3 phase, 200/240VAC
    0.75 ~ 1200kW, 3 phase, 380/480VAC
    2.2 ~ 1000kW, 3 phase, 575VAC
    15 ~ 1200kW, 3 phase, 690VAC

  • KE200 high performance vector control inverter 

    KE200 focus on high performance using experience
    KE200 adopts optimized vector control technology, control motor excitation current and torque current directly, which has different kinds of advanced functions, such as zero-servo, slip compensation, torque compensation, speed control, mute control, accurate parameter identification ability, etc. KE200 can drive any brand motor in a high control level.
    Integrated with vector control (with/without PG), V/f control (with/without PG), KE200 is widely used in precision machinery control and several motors driven applications.